We have been involved in two European Commission STREP projects and many national based projects in collaboration with Italian and international laboratories

The research activity has covered the following fields.

  • logo 3D printing of bio-structures for tissue engineering

  • logo Optical sensors based on semiconductor nanostructures or functionalized metal nanoparticles

  • logo Optical characterization of self-assembled photonic crystals

  • logo Surface nano-structuring by direct lithography, UV nanoimprinting and embossing

  • logo Optical properties of graphite and graphene layers for optoelectronic and sensing applications

  • logo Emission and excitation spectroscopy in the UV-VIS-IR spectral range

  • logo Nonlinear optical materials for electroptical applications (optical modulators and ultrafast switches)

  • logo Sinthesis and electroluminescence measurements of OLED devices

3D printing

Optical sensors

Self-assembled Photonic Crystals

New materials

Non-conventional e-o materials

Host-guest interactions

Waveguides and devices